Nitro Concepts E220 Evo
Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Nitro Concepts E220 Evo

Nitro Concepts E220 Evo

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The Nitro Concepts E220 Evo gaming chair is one of the athletic-inspired office chairs manufacturer and combines extraordinary racing style with high comfort. Nitro Concepts is based on an unprecedented hybrid cover on the side panels made of white PU artificial leather and on the contact surface made of black fabric. The high breathing activity resulting from the fabric cover therefore benefits gamers especially during the hot days of the year and keeps them cool. Visually, this white-black version mainly through subtle colors without bright colors. The comfortable cold foam upholstery also provides for extra comfort, as does the practical rocking mechanism and the smooth 50 mm steering rollers.

The most important features at a glance:

  • High-quality hybrid cover made of white PU artificial leather cover and black fabric
  • Cool racing look with dynamic design and sporty side bolsters
  • Particularly breathable by soft fabric cover on the contact surfaces
  • Comfortable cold foam padding for high comfort
  • Smooth rocking mechanics and comfortable height adjustment
  • Rugged 50mm wheels for many surfaces

Comfortable upholstery and perfect ergonomics are the essentials

For the upholstery of the nitro-Concepts-chairs comes only brand new and high resilience foam deformation resistant is used, which is not only absolutely high quality, but also thicker and more robust than at several competitors products, is therefore given even after a long use of a high degree of convenience .

Similar to a sports car, good ergonomics are also important on the PC that optimally supports the body and at the same time adapts its shape to different seat positions. This is absolutely the case with the chairs by Nitro Concepts, because the 52 cm wide and 49 cm deep seat padding and the approximately 51 cm wide back upholstery on the one hand comfortably out, while on the other hand the 79 cm long backrest is shaped in such a way that It gives the spine optimal support and supports the body.

In addition, scores of Evo E220 with 360-degree rotation , flexibility in adjusting the seat height by means of comfortable and durable class 4 Pulsometers and the integrated tilt function that allows rockers to up to 15 degrees.

A stable base provides the basic framework for first-class gaming chairs

The first-class upholstery E220 Evo, in combination with an extremely sturdy steel frame a comfortable chair to gamble, by virtue of its high-quality materials reduces rapid wear. Annoying squeaking, creaking or fast wear is definitely a thing of the past with a Nitro Concepts chair.

The chair can also be adjusted by 9 cm from 48 to 57 cm in height and is suitable for a load of up to 120 kg. This gaming chair can be used by different persons. The positive effect is immediately felt on such a chair! The basis for the Nitro Concepts chairs a resistant base made resistant Nylon is used, which thanks to its five 50-mm wheels enables a comfortable and smooth movement on various surfaces.

Futuristic design coupled with impressive racing look

Visually reminds the E220 Evo series of Nitro Concepts to the shell design of racing seats of a sports car, mainly due to the dynamic shape, the sidecar for optimum grip, the white PU synthetic leather can be seen and the black cloth pad. The latter offers even ideal conditions for a much cooler seating area, which is a real blessing especially on warm days. The "Nitro Concepts" logo in the front head area of the backrest also integrates subtly into the overall image of the gaming chair.

The dynamic armrests complement the rest of the chair's design to the utmost and provide a futuristic look. Fastened to the backrest, the armrests also have a highly ergonomic shape, which makes it possible to place the lower arms comfortably. Once taken on a modern E220 Evo, you never want to get up again! As a small bonus, the package includes a small metal plate with adhesive surface and "Nitro Concepts" logo, with which one can proudly display the possession of one of these high-quality gaming chairs.

Technical details:

  • Overall height (with base): approximately 122-131 cm
    Height adjustment: 9 cm
    width backrest (shoulder height): 53 cm
    width backrest (Beck height): 51 cm
    width backrest (contact): 33 cm
    length back: 79 cm
    width seat (total) : 52 cm
    width seat (contact): 39 cm
    depth seat surface (total): 49 cm
    depth seat (contact): 47 cm
    width armrest: 5.7 cm
    depth armrest: 39 cm
    tilt function: max. 15____deg;
  • Net weight: approx. 17 kg
  • Gross weight: approx. 19 kg
  • Material:
    steel (frame)
    Nylon (base)
    foam (padding)
    PU synthetic leather (reference)
    substance (contact area)
  • Color: White / Black
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Features:
    Breathable hybrid reference from PU synthetic leather & fabric
    racing look with sporty side bolsters
    Comfortable foam padding
    Ergonomic armrests with dynamic design
    class 4 Pulsometers with dust protection
    class tilt mechanism
    Smooth running 50-mm-rolls for many substrates

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