VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000
VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000 VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000 VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000 VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000 VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000 VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000

VERTAGEAR Racing Series PL6000

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Vertagear is a newcomer in the field of gaming seating furniture, which with its high-profile racing chairs finally brings fresh air to the market. The young company brings with it a whole series of unspent ideas and has set itself the goal to go new ways in its products and always open to new concepts. Full dedication is devoted to the creation of innovative designs and first-class features that give gamers the best gaming experience at all times. Vertagear also leverages valuable user experience and makes the resulting feedback for product improvements directly into its new developments.

And exactly these improvements show Vertagear with the gaming chairs of the P-Line. These high-quality computer chairs combine heavenly comfort with race-inspired aesthetics to ensure the highest level of ergonomics and adjustability, to provide both the gambler and the professional e-sports enthusiast with an ideal seat base that is simply essential for their struggling players. Whether you play at home, at a LAN party or at an eSports gaming event, an ergonomic seat which optimally supports the body during play and at the same time adapts its shape to different sitting positions, is similar for extended stays at a PC Important as with a sports car.

In a race car, health aspects play a very special role, especially when traveling over longer distances. The P-Line optics also show the kinship to classic racing seats, so the 360 degree swivel chairs are not only very comfortable, but also look fantastic. The Vertagear chairs, however, are not only reminiscent of the interior of a sports car, but are mainly based on seat ergonomics, since the long-term health consequences, which can result for ambitious players from a suboptimal sitting position, are also not at 0 km / h To underestimate.

The premium gaming chair offered by the stylish PL6000 series, in the color black-green, is focused on these aspects and offers an unrivaled level of comfort and adaptability. In addition to the backrest in an extra-high design, this is mainly due to the fact that HDF (high density foam) foam padding is still comfortable and stable after many hours of play. This is lined with breathing-active and care-resistant PVC leather imitation, which gives the PL6000 its luxurious appearance and the advantage that the heat released by the body does not build up in the chair, but returns through the perforated structure again. Better airflow and cooler components are not only advantageous for hardware! The pleasant shape of the PL6000 also protects the wrist, neck and neck, shoulder and arms as well as the spine.

Two color-matching cushions are supplied for additional support in the neck and head area. The swivel chair itself is based on a strong steel base with aluminum base and five durable castors and is ideally suited for larger users with a maximum weight of up to 200 kg. Thanks to the fact that the swivel chair itself is quite light (only about 26 kg), it can be easily moved back and forth on various smooth surfaces. In addition, the PL6000 scores 360 degrees rotation, seat height adjustment (with a comfortable air pressure lifter), adjustable armrests in 4 dimensions (8 directions), variable backrest angle (up to 150 dedeg;) and a completely new and light weight Achievable integrated rocking function and "lock" mechanism.

Note: Due to customer feedback has Vertagear decided to slightly modify the suspension of the gas pressure spring, so that it sits slightly lower and thus slightly reduced the minimum seat height. This measure is also intended to enable buyers with lower body size to achieve optimum seating comfort.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions:
    Overall height (with base): approximately 127-137 cm
    width backrest (total): approx 53.3 cm
    width backrest (seat): approximately 47.6 cm
    Backrest Height: about 81.5 cm
    Width of seat: approximately 53.3 cm
    depth of seat: approx 58.4 cm
    seat height: about 50.2 to 60.3 cm
    armrest height: about 65.8 to 76.2 cm (from the floor)
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Material: steel (frame), aluminum (base), cold foam (upholstery), PVC artificial leather (cover)
  • Color: Black / Green
  • Maximum load: 200 kg
  • Features:
    Solid steel frame for long-lasting comfort
    Strong 5-point basis aluminum
    Easy access tilting mechanism with locking function
    Extra high backrest
    resistant HDF foam padding
    Flexible seat height
    Breathable & easy to clean PVC artificial leather upholstery
    Adjustable backrest angle (up 150____deg)
    Larger casters quieter movements
    armrests in 4 dimensions (8 directions) adjustable
    Incl. each with a pillow for the lower back and neck
    gas pressure spring for durability (class 4)

Warranty 12months

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