Arozzi Enzo
Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo Arozzi Enzo

Arozzi Enzo

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The Enzo of Arozzi is a genuine Gaming Chair, so a swivel chair that is next to office tasks and web surfing pleasure also and especially for extended gaming sessions. The sports gaming bonds fall immediately at first glance the eye because of this release black-green Arozzi Enzo looks like taken from an Italian race car and mounted on a base of five durable rollers.

Similar in a sports car is also on PC good ergonomics important that optimally supports the body and at the same time adapting its shape enough in different sitting positions. This is absolutely where the Arozzi Enzo, because the seat and back cushion covered one part of pleasantly comfortable while on the other hand, the backrest is shaped so that it provides optimum grip of the spine and supports the body. The positive effect is noticeable!

The pads are covered with a PU imitation leather, giving the Enzo gives a premium look, but it has the advantage that the Racing Chair easy to maintain and a long storage life. In order to let the arms rest pleasant here even padded armrests are available. So you can safely spend several hours at the computer, without such "whacked" to feel.

Speaking of wheels: The base of Arozzi Enzo is equipped with five "Twin wheel" roles of durable nylon, thanks to the fact that the swivel quite easily precipitates (15 kg), it is easily possible to get out on various smooth surfaces and to reciprocate. In addition, the Enzo scores with 360-degree rotation, flexibility in adjusting the seat height (by comfortable Pulsometers) and the integrated tilt function together "lock" mechanism. Thus the chic Arozzi Enzo is the ideal supplement before every gaming and office desk.

Technical details:

  • Overall height (with base): approximately 115-125 cm
    height (seat): ca. 46 - 56 cm
    Backrest Height: ca. 76 cm
    Overall width: about 53 cm
    Total depth: 51 cm
  • Gewicht: ca. 15 kg
  • Material: foam (padding), PU synthetic leather (reference)
  • Color: Black, Green
  • Maximalbelastung: 120 kg
  • Features:
    Lightweight construction allows
    Comfortable padding
    Ergonomic design
    Flexible Seat Height
    Adjustable tilt function
    PU synthetic leather for easy cleaning
    column Pulsometers
    Stable 5-point basis

Warranty 12 months

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